Voices is an art project for ALL women by Black women: we define womanhood as making solidarity. This campaign is dedicated to our domestic workers and our nurses, our nerds and our misfits, our deaf and disabled sisters, our aunties and abuelas, our queerdos and our trans sisters, our sexual autonomy and our sex workers, our shamans and our brujas, our organizers and our warriors, to all our sisters behind bars and beyond them. This is for us. 

We choose to acknowledge that the gender binary is destructive while also naming that we still live in a world where gender oppression and gender violence is happening. We are committed to the end of all gender harm or violence and to protecting and supporting all women. 

V is for voices, every day is V-Day, and each day is a new day to work to end violence against women, girls, and the planet.

We are guided by three principles:

  1. Voices: our experiences, stories, and realities. 
  2. Visions: our imaginations, dreams, aspirations.
  3. Values: our cares, concerns, and community.



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