“This is a relatively new alternative and necessary approach, towards theatre, towards performances, towards our stories. We know we need to find new ways and get deeper into remembering what it is to be human, what it is to love, what it means to be transformed by each other, to learn from each other, to collaborate with each other, to strategize and work together. This is why listening became such a big part of this project. One of the most radical things we can do at this time is to listen, to compassionately listen and to be more involved in how we show up after we have listened.”
– aja monet, Voices Artistic Director for V-Day

VOICES is available for streaming across all digital platforms (ie Spotify, Apple Music & public libraries via Blackstone Publishing). Read the Press Release.

V-Day will host an accompanying website featuring a solidarity toolkit as a guide for listeners as they experience VOICES. Sign up for updates to be notified as soon as the toolkit is live.

Here are some specific links where you can listen:



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