On behalf of Voices & Partner Organizations

(December 2022)

VOICES is a new interdisciplinary performance arts project and campaign grounded in Black women’s stories by V-Day to unify the vision of ending violence against women. Our goal is to use art to embody and inspire solidarity-making in our collective imagination.

We are excited to launch our audio play created in collaboration with Black women artists across the diaspora and continent in Accra, Ghana on December 18th, 2022.

We have no romantic illusions about the socio-economic and political conditions in Ghana and the continent at large. We understand that colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy know no borders and in order to facilitate deep, meaningful, and transformative relationships as African people across the globe, we must move with intention, critical consideration, and active listening. We honor the deep emotional and spiritual wisdom within each one of us, learning from and alongside one another. As we return to the African continent, we know that a diaspora return rooted in feminist principles and values is integral and instrumental in the Pan-African struggle for freedom and liberation.

It serves none of us to continue to move in the world and replicate old, antiquated models of leadership and economic systems. Insecure, dominant, and ego-driven examples of masculinity are costing people everywhere their lives, hurting communities, and ruining the environment. It is clear that the ways of patriarchy are failing women, non-binary peoples, and it continues to fail men. If we are to shift the conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable of our communities, it must be guided by and grounded in the experiences, perspectives, and lessons from women, non-binary people, and children.

We welcome another process, inviting us to re-vision and reimagine ourselves in relationship with one another. We call on solidarity instead – firmly standing alongside our sisters in Iran, Palestine, the Congo and the world at large. We center Black women’s voices, not just because we are Black or women, but because we are the poetic philosophers of an unseen world, the very language of difference and magic, solidarity in the flesh.

We want all those who claim to love us to listen, to collaborate, to imagine and create with us. This is an opportunity for women of all orientations, nationalities, and identities to come together to cherish, to support, and to transform the conditions that silence and disappear us. We call on our brothers and men everywhere to stand with us, listen deeply and to be committed to the necessary work of dismantling patriarchy in their lives and the lives of those they love. We unite and connect through our differences. We celebrate the possibilities born of our creative coalitions as our collective survival depends on our coming together. We cannot be free until women everywhere are free. “What shall we build on the ashes of a nightmare?”

Signed by:

  1. Courageous Sisters Ghana
  2. Drama Queens 
  3. Resilience Sisters Ghana 
  4. Black Girls Glow 
  5. Path Foundation 
  6. Afrodite & Friends
  7. LGBT+ Rights Ghana
  8. One Love Sisters Ghana
  10. Hope Alliance Foundation
  11. Trybe 
  12. Voice Of Inspiring Inclusive Change Equitably
  13. GirlTrek
  14. Girls for Girls 
  15. Afesti Foundation
  16. Diaspora Rising 
  17. Library of Africa
  18. Power to Girls 
  19. Women of Dignity Accliance 
  20. Sister of Heart
  21. Dream Defenders
  22. One Love Sisters Ghana 
  23. Change.org 
  24. Studio 189
  25. Surf Ghana 
  26. Storted Chale



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